About TIAC


Onboard artists, galleries and festivals to Web3 through educational programs, workshops and projects using technology built on Tezos.

About TIAC

The newly launched Tezos India Art & Culture (TIAC) is an initiative to help onboard artists to Web3.

With an aim to educate and inspire Indian artists to start their journey into Web3, Tezos India, one of the leading blockchain adoption entities in India, has launched Tezos India Arts & Culture (TIAC). TIAC is instituted by Tezos India as a separate vertical for arts and culture centric programs wherein all-round technical as well as educational & community building support will be provided to burgeoning artists looking to make a mark in the Web3 space.


Varun Desai


TIAC is activly looking to partner with galleries, events, festivals and institutions by creating curated shows, educational programs and Web3 solutions.

Work with TIAC

We’re actively looking for Web3 educators to lead TIAC workshops.